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Welcome to SILT

Our Philosophy

The Southern Interior Land Trust Society (SILT) was established in 1988 as the Okanagan Region Wildlife Heritage Fund Society. The SILT seeks to create a legacy of protected, important habitats for all living things by acquiring and maintaining ecologically significant gems and jewels of wildlife habitat in British Columbia's southern interior region. Our mission is to create “stepping-stones” for ecosystem connectivity and animal movement wherever possible.

You Can Help

The Southern Interior Land Trust is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization and tax receipts can be issued for donations of cash or property or bequests from estates. Consider making a tax-deductible donation of money or land or you may wish to include the society in your will. Your donation will help greatly to further our common objectives of conserving habitat for wildlife. Learn more about how you can make a difference by clicking the DONATE NOW button.

About Us:

About Us:

The Southern Interior Land Trust Society (SILT)

The Southern Interior Land Trust Society formerly known as The Okanagan Region Wildlife Heritage Fund Society, was formed by members of the B.C. Wildlife Federation and regional fish and game clubs. SILT is a member of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia.



Society Incorporated


CDN Land Trust Standards


Land Trust Alliance of BC

Our team members

Al Peatt, RPBio, FAPB

Executive Director – 250-328-4699

Gordon Wilson

Secretary / Treasurer

Judie Steeves


Kasey Moran


Ron Taylor

Director; President Emeritus

Danielle Chapman


Our Projects

The Southern Interior Land Trust raises funds, not only through donations, but also by administering funds for projects.


Consider the following ways you can contribute to the Southern Interior Land Trust Society. Your contribution will help make a difference towards conserving land and habitat for fish and wildlife in the Southern Interior. Let’s work together to conserve and protect habitat for present and future generations.

Help SILT Purchase DL493 Grassland

DL493 Grassland

SILT is currently raising funds to purchase DL493, which is a critical grassland in the Grand Forks area. Lot A of DL 493 and SILT’s previously acquired DL 492 are best known for supporting a successfully reintroduced population of 200-300 California bighorn sheep (BC blue list).

Both properties are used year-round as forage and security habitat for bighorn; all age and sex classes are commonly seen. Purchase of Lot A DL 493 will complement and expand upon the wildlife values already acquired on DL 492.

For example, Lot A of DL 493 provides additional grassland foraging area adjacent to rocky escape terrain used by bighorn sheep. Lot A DL 493 is also known for occurrences of rattlesnake, gophersnake and American racer. An intriguing sighting of what may be sharp-tailed grouse was recently reported in the area. If true, Lot A DL 493 also provides suitable habitat for this thought to be extirpated species.

Latest News


Additional Grassland Habitat Conserved

Wildlife habitat protected by SILT purchase A further 35 hectares (86 acres) of grassland habitat two kilometres east of Grand Forks on Morrissey Creek Road has been purchased for wildlife […]

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