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Lot 16 – Bourguiba Spring

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Property Number: 8

Size: 41 Acres

Aquisition Date: 09-16-2022

Purpose: Conservation Land

Management Agency: Southern Interior Land Trust

Property Description:

The Southern Interior Land Trust purchased the 16.6-hectare (41-acre) Bourguiba Spring property in fall 2022.

Lot 16 is a steep, south-facing grassland with rock outcrops above a ravine that protects a year-round groundwater spring—the source of Bourguiba Creek, which flows into Haynes Creek, a tributary of Osoyoos Lake. That Lot 16 protects the source spring of a permanent creek in the dry Osoyoos landscape likely makes the property ecologically significant at a provincial level. That it has intact riparian vegetation with no apparent history of livestock grazing makes it even more special for wildlife and ecological study. Read More Here