Sandner Property

In 1989, SILT acquired the Sandner property at the north end of Christina Lake. It includes more than 100 acres with 3,000 feet of beach, forested land with cedar trees 12 feet in diameter and two of the principal kokanee and trout spawning streams on the lake.


SILT is a registered non-profit society and tax receipts can be issued for donations of cash or property or bequests from estates, so consider making a tax-deductible donation of money or land or including the society in your will, in order to further our common objectives of conserving habitat for the Okanagan’s wildlife. Learn more about how you can make a difference. SILT has no paid staff, so all donations go directly to fulfilling the society’s mandate of purchasing and restoring habitat for fish and wildlife. Instead it is operated by a volunteer board of directors.