DL-493 Grasslands Acquisition

Acquisition of DL-493 Lot A


The Southern Interior Land Trust (SILT) is working with its conservation partners to acquire Lot A of District Lot 493 east of Grand Forks, BC. 

Lot A DL 493 is 35 hectares (86 acres) of mostly open, south-facing bunchgrass grassland extending into bedrock outcrops and talus on its higher elevation northern boundary. The parcel is interspersed with a few small patches of deciduous shrub thickets. Deadhorse Creek, a small permanent stream crosses the property’s southwest corner. Lot A DL 493 is just two kilometers (1.25 miles) from Grand Forks and has public access via Morrissey Creek Road. Lot A borders the western boundary of SILT’s 109-hectare (270 acre) DL 492 Bighorn Grassland property. 

Lot A DL 493 provides year-round habitat for a healthy population of 200-300 California bighorn sheep. The Grand Forks sheep herd (also called the Gilpin herd) has provided decades of hunting opportunity to resident and non-resident hunters, as well as excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. All bighorn sheep age and sex classes are commonly seen on Lot A. The property is also good quality spring range for both mule deer and white-tailed deer and is habitat for at least five federally listed species-at-risk. 

 Lot A DL-493 Habitat Direction Statement.   Lot A DL-493 Location Map.     Lot A DL-493 Information

A gravel pit was approved in the 1990s but was never developed. A sand and gravel company is currently interested in developing a pit on Lot A.
Photo courtesy - Brad Siemens
Photo courtesy - Brad Siemens
Upon acquisition of this property, SILT will work toward removing such hazards to wildlife. Please help with a donation.
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